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Roles & Responsibilities


Mentee outlines the goals and objectives for the relationship and works toward their fulfillment using the guidance, advice, feedback, and support provided by the mentor.


  • Explicitly states goals and objectives of the relationship
  • Takes responsibility for their own growth, development, and career planning
  • Commits to meeting with mentor on a regular basis, but no less than one hour per month
  • Asks for feedback
  • Actively listens to mentor, considers seriously all advice received, and shows evidence they have utilized the advice
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Follows through on commitments made to mentor
  • Respects mentor's limits
  • Explicitly states own limits
  • Recognizes and works through conflicts in caring ways, invites discussion on differences with the mentor
  • Makes only positive or neutral comments about the mentor to others; if disagreement over behavior or values arise, differences are shared with the mentor; if necessary, takes steps to end the relationship
  • Maintains a professional relationship, doesn't intrude into the mentor's personal life or expect to be close friends
  • Ends the relationship at the agreed upon time
  • Informs supervisor of participation in program