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January 2003 Minutes

Membership Meeting

January 21, 2003
2-4 p.m.
Seuss Room, Geisel Library


Present: Leslie Abrams, Linda Barnhart, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Marlayna Christensen, Lynda Claassen, Elizabeth Cowell (chair), Kathy Creely (Secretary), Tammy Dearie, Shi Deng, Sam Dunlap, Anna Gold, Jackie Hanson, Maureen Harden, SuHui Ho, James R. Jacobs, Elliot Kanter, Christina Keil, Kari Lucas, Sue McGuinness, Phyllis S. Mirsky, Karrie Peterson, Ann Prussing, Jennifer Reiswig, Brian Schottlaender, Jessica Silver, Barbara Slater, Dawn Talbot, Duffy Tween, Paul Weiss, Jeff Williams, Vicki Williamson, Julie Yang, Marlo Young


  • New LAUC-SD Secretary is Kathy Creely, filling in for the rest of Steve Lawson’s term.
  • New librarian, Katy Farrell (Social Sciences & Humanities Library)  was welcomed and introduced.
  • Marlo Young (CLICS) was welcomed in her new status at CLICS.
  • Librarian Careers Seminar, February 19, at the Career Services Center.  Elizabeth Cowell will act as liaison.  We need four more librarians to give ten minute talks, promoting librarianship as a career and telling students about what we do.
  • Call for volunteers for the LAUC-SD Research and Professional Development Committee. 


1. Report from Fall Assembly

  • Reports from statewide committees are available on the LAUC statewide website (

  • The big agenda item at the Fall Assembly was the annual report from the Committee on Professional Governance ( which included a disussion of the CPG survey.  There has not been agreement on the meaning of  the survey results, and some campuses would like another survey to clarify certain questions and to get more input.    The CPG Annual Report also includes proposed revisions to LAUC position paper #1, a proposal for a new task force to look at all the other existing position papers (position papers #2, 3, 4, & 5), and a proposal for a new position paper to address the topic of “Distinguished” designation.
  • Myron Okada (Director, Office of Academic Personnel, UC Office of the President) gave an update.  He stated that funds for merit increases were safe, but that the budget would likely not allow for range adjustments this year.  The future for a phased retirement program seems bleak.  The proposed fee waiver for UC employees’ dependents has been put on the back burner but will probably move forward eventually.
  • Dan Greenstein (University Librarian, California Digital Library) gave  an update.  CDL has been working on a public website as a public relations/development tool.  CDL has received a Mellon Foundation grant to design a needs assessment concerning a shared government information depository for the UC system.   There is  concern over how such a depository would be presented to the public.  Greenstein also presented remarks on CDL staffing and explained why CDL is not allowed to hire within the librarian range (CDL is not a unit). 


2. Report from LAUC-SD executive Committee meeting with Brian Schottlaender

Regarding the CPG report, Brian favors putting the Distinguished designation at step 6 of the Librarian Series.

LAUC Spring Assembly will be held on May 30 at UCSD.  A panel including Brian and two other ULs will speak to the assembly regarding their vision of shared projects.


3. Discussion of CPG survey report

The text of the report and attachments can be viewed at:

LAUC statewide chair, Esther Grassian, had asked for feedback on proposed revisions to Position Paper #1, to be discussed at Spring Assembly.  The proposed revisions take out mention of “distinguished” and revise language about the salary scale to conform to current situation. 

Many diverse viewpoints were expressed in the discussion, followed by adoption of several motions. 

Passed: A motion to accept the proposed changes to Position Paper #1, but recommending deletion of  paragraph #8.

Passed: A motion to recommend revise Position Paper #1, paragraph #5, rewording sentence #2,  and deleting sentences 3 and 4.

The suggested rewording of sentence #2 is: “It is the merit of the individual librarian which will determine promotion to and advancement through the rank.”

(Sentences 3 and 4, recommended for deletion, read: “There should be no quotas, either with regard to the number of librarians in the Librarian rank, or to the amount of money in the budget, for a promotion recommendation should be made solely on the individual merits of the librarian under review. The same considerations apply to advancement to the top of the Librarian rank.”)


4. Position paper review task force

Call for volunteers for LAUC statewide taskforce to plan for revising LAUC position papers #2-5.  Taskforce would set priorities for which papers to revise first, make recommendations about combining papers and adding new ones, particularly to address “distinguished” step issue. 

5. Proposal for records management for LAUC-SD  (on agenda, but deleted)