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January 2002 Minutes

Membership Meeting

January 15, 2002
2-4 p.m.
Seuss Room, Geisel Library


Present: L. Abrams, S. Berteaux, K. Calkins, K. Cargille, H. Colson, P. Coppernoll-Blach, K. Creely, R. Culbertson, T. Dearie, S. Deng, J. Donovan, S. Dunlap, L. Galvan-Estrada, A. Gold, J. Hanson, M. Harden, D. Kegel, C. Keil, S. Lawson, S. Lawson, K. Lucas, P. Mirsky, A. Perez (secretary), J. Reiswig (chair), B. Schottlaender, B. Slater, S. Starr, N. Stimson, D. Tweedy, E. Valdez, A. Wallace, V. Williamson, J. Yang

Introductions of New Staff

  • B. Slater introduced Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Corporate Associates/PLUS Librarian. She will oversee BML's ILL unit and will move to BML during the first week of February.
  • T. Dearie introduced Amy Wallace, Assistant Department Head, Reference, Instruction and Outreach, SSHL. Amy comes to us from the Claremont Colleges.

Visit with Deborah Murphy, LAUC Statewide President

J. Reiswig welcomed Deborah to UCSD.

D. Murphy has visited three other UC campuses this year. Last fall she met with the University Librarians to discuss communication and how LAUC can work with them. The Professional Governance Committee Report addressed the issue of what would help librarians move through criteria 2-4; D. Murphy asked the U.L.s about this. They indicated that a set of "talking points" would assist them in addressing the issue. D. Murphy has drafted a letter with key points and she will forward this to the U.L.s. Areas to be addressed are:

  • Librarians lack time to meet criteria 2-4
  • Establish system wide professional leave program
  • More support for flexible work schedules (part-time)
  • Creating a culture which encourages mentoring librarians and rewarding them for mentoring
  • More flexibility with professional development funds (subscription to a journal, membership in society, etc.)
  • U.L.s can provide opportunities for librarians by recommending them to serve on campus wide committees

D. Murphy said that LAUC is concerned with trying to establish ourselves. We need to keep LAUC going with fewer people and less money. We don't think enough about ourselves.

D. Murphy asked how the transition process went? This is our last year of transition. LHR did a good job of making us aware of the transition changes coming. There were a few glitches because some reviews were complicated.

She asked about the .5% raise. Other campuses have expressed real disappointment, so does UCSD.

The Professional Governance Committee will be sending a survey regarding the Distinguished Librarian Step. D. Murphy will be reviewing the survey results very carefully. Questions/comments asked at the meeting were:

  • Should the Distinguished step be more similar to the faculty model?
  • Should there be a Distinguished Step at all?
  • If so, should it be linked to a specific step?
  • If we have one, what should be the criteria?
  • If we have one, what about funding?
  • If no majority is reached across the campuses, then what?

At UCSD the Distinguished step is described as a career of distinction.

An Ad Hoc Group will be looking at UC wide information literacy. The group will visit each campus to ask about their Information Literacy Statement. If instruction librarians are interested in this initiative, please send an email to D. Murphy.

Since the demise of Library Council it has been difficult to meet in-person with the U.L.s. D. Murphy is proposing that the LAUC President meet with the U.L.s.

UCR and UCSC are discussing or have created two separate review processes for represented and non-represented librarians. D. Murphy asked if we are discussing this. We are not.

With the LAUC appointments to the University Librarians Advisory Structure there is now a lot of travel and the old statewide budget did not provide for this. Also travel costs have increased. Basically we will continue to run in the red.

What is the status of the Melvyl Ex-Libris transition? No news from D. Murphy.

How are other UC libraries faring in recruiting outside of California? For the last three years UCSC has hired every librarian, with the exception of one, from the Santa Cruz area. UCSD continues to draw from outside the immediate area.

J. Reiswig thanked D. Murphy for her presentation.

Announcement: Member-at-Large position

Shanon Lawson is going on leave and this is her last LAUC-SD meeting; Karen Lindvall-Larson will replace her as Member-at-Large.

ARPM Update (Sam Dunlap, CAPA Chair)

D. Ambrose will post the ARPM (2001 revision) on the web by early next week. M. Din noticed a word which needs to be changed in the sentence: "In cases of promotion from the rank of Associate Librarian to Librarian or advancement from Librarian V-VI (the distinguished step)[...]." Since it is possible that a candidate could be considered for an acceleration from Librarian IV (or other step) to Librarian VI, she proposed this change: "In cases of promotion from the rank of Associate Librarian to Librarian or advancement to Librarian VI (the distinguished step)[...]." The LAUC-SD membership agreed.

The revisions to the ARPM address the following issues:

  • clarification of the roles of Department Head and Review Initiator.
  • clarification of the role of CAPA in review appointment files for new hires.
  • clarification of the roles of the Candidate and the Review Initiator in addressing the relevant professional career history in cases of promotion or advancement.
  • revision and move of the Goals Statement to Appendix X.

S. Dunlap thanked D. Ambrose and M. Din for their work on the ARPM revisions, and the Goals Task Force (Elizabeth Cowell, Anna Gold, Jackie Hanson, Shanon Lawson, and Brad Westbrook) for their work in streamlining the process. B. Schottlaender would like more discussion on Appendix X and he has some editorial comments which he will give offline to S. Dunlap.

Research & Professional Development Committee reports (A. Gold for M.L. Bergstrom, R&PD Chair)

  • An ACRL webcast "The Changing Library: The Academic Library as a Physical and Virtual Space" will be shown at 11am, January 29th in the Seuss Room. The Committee will solicit feedback via email about the other webcast possibilities.
  • A Journal Clubs Proposal was presented with pilot sessions to begin this quarter. The committee will send the proposal via email to the membership.
  • The old LAUC journals were weeded and Acquisitions has already checked them against our holdings for gaps. The remaining issues were placed on a book truck for members to help themselves.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10pm.