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September 1997 Minutes

 LAUC-SD Membership Meeting
September 9, 1997
Seuss Room

Attending: L. Abrams, L. Barnhart, L. Claassen (chair), R. Coates, B.
Culbertson, T. Dearie, J. Donovan, C. Graham, J. Hanson, S. Jurist, E.
Kanter, D. Kegel, P. Mirsky, J. Page, A. Prussing, B. Renford,
B.Slater, R. Sonnenburg, D. Talbot, D. Tweedy, K. Whitley, V.

Meeting called to order at 3:00 p.m.

1. Report on LAUC State Transition Meeting (L. Claassen)

--LAUC Spring Assembly. UCSD is the site for the May 1998 event.
LAUC-SD is not responsible for program planning, but will be
responsible for local arrangements.

--California Millenium Conference. This event, announced for March
1999, will be sponsored by CLA. Attendance will be on an
invitation-only-basis for the event with each sponsoring library
association getting a number of slots.

--Statewide Cultural Diversity Committee. There is a feeling of
malaise in the group. A status report was given, mainly addresing
points from the "Many Voices" document. Steve Valdez will be the
local "conduit" for information from the statewide group as well as
its chair.

--Stipend issue. Myron Okada arrived late so the stipend issue was
only briefly addressed. The stipends document was approved, but
librarians were not included as a group. This means that any campus
with approved local guidelines could give stipends because the
stipends are derived from campus monies. Los Angeles, Santa Barbara,
and Riverside have guidelines already submitted, and Davis and
Berkeley are working on them. Stipends are not related to performance
and may be temporary (e.g, if a rotating position is involved).

NOTE: At this point in the stipend report, J. Hanson suggested that it
would be good if M. Harden were to attend LAUC-SD meetings. This
suggestion was met with enthusiasm.

2. CAPA Report. (T. Dearie)

--Tammy reported that this year's review saw 23 files reviewed. This
included 5 promotions, 13 advancements, 4 no changes, and 1 review was
deferred. As of July 1st, 1997, Vickie Williamson was promoted to the
rank of Associate Librarian with career status. Amy Butros, Becky
Culbertson, Tammy Dearie, and Anne Prussing were promoted to the rank
of Librarian. Karen Cargille and Susan Starr were advanced to
Librarian V. Bruce Miller was promoted to the rank of Associate
University Librarian.

3. Cultural Diversity Committee.

--L. Claassen reported that since there were no volunteers for the
local committee, she thought it might work to have E. Valdez
basically be a committee-of-one. D. Kegel commented that she wondered
if the concept of cultural diversity in the UC community was affected
by the disapparence of affirmative action. UC is still seeking more
diversity in their applicant pool--they seek it even though the
decision to hire cannot be based on it. J. Hanson stated that the end
of affirmative action should not affect whether we have programs on it
or not.

4. Brainstorming Session -- What can LAUC do for its activities this

--B. Slater. Socials? Membership: YES!

--J. Hanson. Perhaps a program on the coming digital library with S.
Starr or R. Lucier?

--P. Mirsky. A program for recruiting new librarians? (Cast the net
wide enough)

--L. Abrams. Stressbusters? Oldies? (Movies from the Film/Video

--J. Page. Suggested that events and programs take place in a variety
of times

--J. Hanson. If programs are scheduled off-campus, this tends to lose
the membership.

--R. Sonnenberg. He felt there should be regular meetings and events.

--D. Kegel. If we were to sponsor a "recruiting librarian" assembly,
we would no longer pay students to attend but we could encourage our
library students to go to a one-or-two session meeting.

--P. Mirsky. Possibly courses from the San Jose campus could be done
at the Distance Learning Center downstairs

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Culbertson.