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May 1997 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting - Minutes
May 20, 1997
Seuss Room

Attending: Leslie Abrams, Linda Barnhart, Susan Berteaux, Peter
Brueggeman, Karen Cargille, Lynda Claassen (chair), Kathy Creely, Trisha
Cruse, Tammy Dearie, Joanne Donovan, Tami Echavarria, Crystal Graham,
Ruth Gustafson, Jackie Hanson, Craig Haynes, Susan Jurist, Richard
Lindemann, Kari Lucas, Alice Perez, Anne Prussing, Bruce Miller, Phyllis
Mirsky, Beverly Renford, Barbara Slater, Ginny Steel, Judy Thompson,
Steve Valdez, Kathy Whitley (recorder).

Meeting convened at 2:05pm.


A. Elections -- K. Cargille
Slate has been emailed to membership, asking for any further

B. CAPA -- T. Dearie
Reviewed 23 of 26 files. The majority of the files will be
completed by next week. The AULs will meet soon to review, and
letters should be out mid-June.


C. Acceleration document -- P. Brueggeman and R. Lindemann
Model 1 which applies acceleration criteria in areas A as
well B, C, and/or D as appropriate was the majority choice
of the membership. This will apply to jumps in steps or
going out of cycle. After some discussion about where to go
from here, it was agreed the Richard and Peter would draft a
guideline to include as an appendix to the ARPM.

D. Spring Assembly -- R. Gustafson, G. Steel, L. Claassen
Ruth emailed a summary to membership before the meeting.
Myron Okada brought up the issue of the administrative
stipend and UCOP has been floating a proposal for
comments in June. UCOP and Campus Vice Chancellors for
Academic Affairs floating another proposal to add two
steps to the Librarian series -- Steps VI and VII. This
would change the move from V to VI as the "barrier" or
"super" step. Librarians at V would not go through a
super step review again, but would rather advance to VI
and VII through normal reviews. Riverside made a motion
to add these steps. Susan Starr gave a presentation on
the Library Planning and Action Initiative. Some
discussion on relationship of Digital Library to us,
including the idea that although the first content is
heavily sciences, broader content will be added. "There
will be no VERIP." Lynda also
reported that UCSD has the highest level of professional
development funding among the UC campuses [see her
recent email of the figures].

E. Discussion about addition of steps and
administrative stipends
University could choose to add immediately the 2
steps for non-bargaining unit librarians. Other
issues are off-scale and above-scale levels. The
AULs have not yet been approached about
implementation. For administrative stipends, Lynda
had a cover memo from Provost King that put forward
the proposal, noting that changes may be viewed at,
and including a sample communication of the proposed
policy. This would cover potentially all academic
titles, including librarians. Additional criteria
besides just number of FTE supervised are proposed
for eligibility. There was also included a list of
titles eligible for the stipends. There has been no
reponse yet to this proposal. Bargaining unit
librarians are excluded from eligibility for this
stipend. Miki Goral will respond to the President
on this. President Atkinson has recommended that
there be local campus determination of
eligibility--possible criteria are supervisory
responsibilities, designated" supervisors, and
supervision of 2 or more librarians regardless of
the number of staff employees supervised. Funding
for stipends would come from our local budget--is
there any possibility for university funding instead
of local library? The stipend issue was last voted
against in Spring 1996 by LAUC-SD membership. It
was agreed to discuss the stipend issue at the June
17 membership meeting when more information was

F. Question re SB709
There is no UC stance officially on SB709. UC
people are however working on safeguards for the
university libraries' role in the Library of

Adjourned at 2:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Whitley