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Septebmer 1995 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting, September 12, 1995

Present: Linda Barnhart, Susan Berteaux, Peter Brueggeman, Karen
Cargille (chair), Harold Colson, Kathy Creely, Trisha Cruse,
Tammie Dearie, Joanne Donovan, Sam Dunlap, Crystal Graham, Jackie
Hanson, Cynthia Jahns, Susan Jurist, Elliot Kanter, Richard
Lindemann, Karen Lindvall-Larson, Kari Lucas, Julie Page, Alice
Perez, Anne Prussing, Beverly Renford, Becky Ringler, Elizabeth
Robinson (recorder), Julie Sih, Barbara Slater, Reinhart
Sonnenburg, Susan Starr, Chris Stave, Ginny Steele, Esteban
Valdez, Brad Westbrook, Kathy Whitley.


1. New librarians Sam Dunlap (Research Services, SSHL) and Susan
Berteaux (SIO) were welcomed.

2. The teleconference on copyright issues in the electronic age
will be held September 21, 10 am-12 noon, Geisel. Kathy Whitley
noted that the conference would be videotaped.

3. Karen announced the October 6 social to be held at the Faculty
Club from 3:30-5 pm.

4. Karen indicated that the salary bifurcation issue will be
discussed at the October statewide executive board meeting.
Jackie followed up by briefly describing a proposal for a 1.5%
range adjustment to take effect 10/1/95 for non-Senate academic
staff. Discussion among the unions on the issue continues.

5. Karen asked for volunteers to represent UCSD on the Heads of
Systems group. Deadline for contacting Karen is 9/14.


1. Brad summarized the Ad Hoc Committee on Archives report which
proposes to consolidate all LAUC documents (statewide and
divisional) at one of the nine campuses. The proposal will be
discussed further at the statewide executive board meeting in

There was discussion about a 5-10 year cycle of submission of
documents. Barbara felt 10 years was too long. Responsibility for
processing was also discussed. Possibilities for UCSD: Could SIO
staff handle it? Could it be done with a LAUC research grant
(although there was some disagreement on that point as far as
appropriateness)? One person (local secretary/treasurer?) to keep
things in order? The membership agreed to the principle of a
unified LAUC archive, the specifics of which need further

2. Elizabeth brought to the general membership the idea proposed
in the Executive Board meeting by Kari of using the annual
contributions for other efforts besides the customary social and
professional affairs. Some ideas generated included hiring a
student (in part) to process the LAUC-SD archives and
contributing to a recent appeal for Sarajevo libraries. Members
may send other ideas to Karen or Elizabeth.

3. Kari presented the CAPA issues document, detailing four items
regarding the review process. They are as follows with summary of

a. Revision of the transmittal form from CAPA to ad hoc
committees - There was some discussion on the purpose for the
current vagueness (avoid biasing the ad hoc committee) but also
the value of knowing why CAPA is making its request. The
membership voted to make the revisions proposed which will be
integrated into section (b) of the transmittal form.

b. Inclusion of UC (not UCSD) service on library committees,
task forces, bibliographer groups, etc. in review category A
(Professional Competence and Service Within the Library) or C
(University and Library-related Public Service) - A lively
discussion, this one, with variant opinions on placement of this
sort of service. Points raised included:

* A precedent set by keeping such service in C as an adverse
effect on our academic status.
* The voluntary or required element of this sort of participation
as it relates to one's job description (case by case).
* Notion of a person being uniquely qualified to serve in a
particular setting as a representative of UCSD.

The group decided to form a team to redraft the language of
categories A and C with this issue mind. That team consists of
Kathy Creely, Trisha Cruse, and Richard Lindemann. Jackie Hanson
and Julie Sih will review their work in light of other revisions
those two are current working on. Kari will carry the final
product to CAPA. This issue will then be revisited at the
November membership meeting.

c. Inclusion of organizational charts in review files -
Barbara suggested (and the group agreed) that it should be an
option for the candidate to select if s/he feels it is necessary
to clarify his/her job functions.

d. Review timeframe considerations for new librarians on
their first review - Discussion centered on the pros/cons of this
proposal in light of less-experienced librarians. There was some
agreement that the level at which one is hired should bring about
parity among individuals at the same level for criteria BCD.
Susan Jurist noted that we have been stressing C over B and D
when all three should be weighed the same. Jackie will work on
language of this area of the review process instructions and will
incorporate the final version into the orientation of new
librarians to the review process.

5. Joanne announced the R&PD Committee's program planning will
include speakers Cabinet is considering for a series of forums on
the future of librarianship. Joanne will email the membership on
further details. These forums will be funded by Adcon. Please
direct any comments to Joanne.

The next general membership meeting for LAUC-SD will be November
14, 2-4 pm, UC Davis/Riverside Room (Price Center).