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November 1995 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting, November 21, 1995

Present: Leslie Abrams, Linda Barnhart, Susan Berteaux, Peter
Brueggeman, Amy Butros, Karen Cargille (chair), Patricia Cruse,
Tammy Dearie, Sam Dunlap, Tami Echavarria, Crystal Graham, Ruth
Gustafson, Jackie Hanson, Craig Haynes, Elliot Kanter, Richard
Lindemann, Kari Lucas, Phyllis Mirsky, Anne Prussing, Beverly
Renford, Becky Ringler, Elizabeth Robinson (recorder), Barbara
Slater, Reinhart Sonnenburg, Ginny Steel, Kathy Whitley, Vicki


1. Karen gave a summary of the statewide Executive Board meeting
held on October 13, 1995. Highlights included:

* LAUC President Gary Peete held an informational meeting with
Acting Vice Provost Sandra Weiss, describing LAUC and its
* The Spring Assembly will be May 14-15, 1996 at UC Irvine.
* There was no consensus among the campuses concerning
centralization of the LAUC archives nor on a local retention
policy. This will be discussed again at the December meeting.
LAUC-SD supports a centralized archive and 5-year local
* Gary Lawrence indicated there is not much change with the
operating budget. There is an opportunity to fund the digital
library projects. The Office of the President will be conducting
a librarian salary survey.
* The UCSD representative to the Scholarly Communications
Committee is Julie Sih.

2. Jackie announced that LPO is in the final phase to fill part
of Janet's old job. The incumbent will work M-Th 8:30-12 and Fr
9-12 and handle recruitments and reviews. Jackie also mentioned
that Charlotte is now handling librarian payroll issues.


1. Craig informed the group of the LAUC-SD Cultural Diversity
Committee's traditional coordination of the library's
participation in Career Day and hosting of opportunities in
librarianship programs for staff and students. The LAUC-SD CDC
feels these programs should be expanded beyond their current
focus and thus managed by a more appropriate body.

Karen noted that the LAUC-SD Executive Board could take
responsibility for making the annual call for volunteers for
Career Day. The group discussed the possibility of merging the
staff and student opportunities in librarianship programs into
one. The Member-at-Large of the Executive Board could coordinate
the program.

2. Richard presented revised language in the review procedures
for criteria A and C. All LAUC participation (local and
statewide) moves from A to C. Criterion A is reserved for primary
job responsibilities including membership on UC-wide committees
where that membership is required as part of one's primary job.

The group approved the changes by consensus. UCOP, Academic
Affairs, and the Labor Relation Office will have final approval
of the changes which should be formally approved during 1996. In
the interim, LAUC-SD is asking all librarians to observe these
changes as our working guidelines.

3. The group approved two other performance review issues:

* Inclusion of organizational charts in review materials is an
option of the candidate.
* New appointees should include any pre-UCSD performance for
criteria B, C, and D in their self-reviews.

Jackie and Julie Sih will work with CAPA and the Executive Board
in the revision of the review procedures to reflect these
sentiments. As in no. 2 above, final approval rests with UCOP,
Academic Affairs, and the Labor Relation Office.

4. Kari led a discussion on SDM and performance reviews for 1996.
The SDM Performance Evaluation Team will pass along its
recommendations to LAUC. These will be discussed in light of
librarians' performance reviews. The question was raised of how
and if SDM skills will become part of one's job description over
time. The group adopted a wait-and-see approach to see how SDM
manifests itself in the coming review period.

The next general membership meeting for LAUC-SD will be January
16, 1996, 2-4 pm, UC Davis/Riverside Room (Price Center).