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May 1996 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting, May 6, 1996

Present: Leslie Abrams, Karen Cargille (chair), Lynda Claassen,
Ronnie Coates, Kathy Creely, Patricia Cruse, Sam Dunlap, Tami
Echavarria, Crystal Graham, Ruth Gustafson, Susan Jurist, Elliot
Kanter, Richard Lindemann, Anne Prussing, Beverly Renford, Becky
Ringler, Elizabeth Robinson (recorder), Reinhart Sonnenburg, Dawn
Talbot, Bradley Westbrook, Kathy Whitley, Vicki Williamson.


1. The call for volunteers for the LAUC-SD Webmaster position
will be made after the elections as will similar for the Archives
Task Force to deal with LAUC-SD archives in room 506.

2. Gary Peete's response to the stipends issue was recently sent
to UCOP (a summation of chapter responses).

3. Joanne Euster and Richard Walter issued a letter on the
changes to how budget allocations will be dispersed to libraries.
A key issue is how much will be retained in a centralized block.
Karen will route the letter to LAUC-SD members.

4. LAUC Assembly is next week (May 14, 1996). Barbara Slater will
coordinate carpooling to Irvine.


1. Local and Statewide Elections - Elliot presented current
volunteers for local offices. No further candidates were
nominated from the floor. The official slate for the local
election is:

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect - Ginny Steel
Secretary/Treasurer - Cynthia Jahns, Kathy Whitley
Member-at-Large - Leslie Abrams, Duffy Tweedy
Delegate - Tami Echavarria, Ruth Gustafson
CAPA - Kathy Creely, Elliot Kanter, Barbara Slater, Dawn Talbot

Statewide candidate profiles were previously sent to the
membership over email. Elizabeth will conduct the election in the
stead of the Nominating Committee (ballots are due back to her
June 4).

2. LAUC-SD R&PD Research Grant Guidelines - Brad summarized the
latest revisions, noting appendices B and C on the LAUC property
policy and tips for writing proposals (respectively). Other
changes include new text on criteria taken from the statewide
guidelines and length of funding and extension. Susan Jurist
asked if research grants could be used for creative efforts. R&PD
will discuss this at its next meeting.

3. Substitute Librarians - Santa Cruz and Riverside have
substitute librarians on staff and have been trying to use the
Temporary Librarian guidelines in managing these positions but
have found them inadequate for their situations. The Committee on
Professional Governance drafted a proposal for the establishment
of a Substitute Librarian classification. Ruth pointed out that
the wording in the draft needed to be careful in excluding the
word "temporary" when discussing these positions ("short term" or
"substitute" instead) for clarity's sake. There was some
discussion on the lack of a specific MLS requirement for these
positions. The group approved the document with the wording
changes noted above.

4. LAUC Archives - Karen presented the final proposal. If there
is to be a digital archive (statewide or local), vital records
(organization charts, constitutions/bylaws, and the annual
summary report) should have a paper backup.

5. Statewide CDC Proposal on Access to Multicultural Materials -
Gary Peete will take the CDC proposal to the University
Librarians or Library Council meeting.

6. Distance Learning Task Force - Reinhart explained that the
task force has no recommendations yet. Part of its charge is to
determine what role LAUC has in the University's planning for
distance learning. Related to this, Ronnie noted there is a
multi-level networking task force in California that is concerned
with consolidating library services. UC librarians have
participated in these meetings.

7. Email Policy - Beverly noted that the policy is a codification
of the legal implications regarding email, that is that anything
on university email can be defined as a university record. Brad
noted that the UC Archivist Consul will make a suggestion that
the policy clarify that certain types of electronic documents are
also university records.

The next general membership meeting for LAUC-SD will be held fall
1996 (TBA) unless otherwise announced.