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May 1995 Minutes

 LAUC-SD Membership Meeting
May 16, 1995
Davis/San Francisco

Present: Lo, K., E. Yutani, E., Wang, R., Donovan, J.,
Robinson, E., Echavarria, T., Talbot, D., Page, J., Cruse, T.,
Horres, M., Miller, B., Cargille, K., Hanson, J., Abrams, L.,
Sonnenberg, R., Slater, B., Lucas, K., Colson, H., Lindvall-
Larson, K., Jahns, C., Sih, J., Butros, A., Renford, B.,
Barnhart, L., Graham, C., Mirsky, P., Haynes, C.


C. Haynes announced Jon Welch, Senior Analyst/UCSD
Academic Affairs/Affirmation Action Office will present a
mini-program to the LAUC Membership at the June 15th
meeting. The presentation will be an update of Affirmation Action
UC wide and will focus on the potential impact current California
and federal legislation could have within academia. The first
30-40 minutes will be Jon's presentation followed by Q & A. The
last half of the meeting will be devoted to LAUC business.

E. Kanter explained the error in the local ballot. A revised
ballot will be forthcoming. The state ballot may still be
used. The floor was opened to further nominations. There
were no additional nominations.

J. Hanson gave a brief update on recruitment. Sam Dunlop was
offered the European History Bibiographer position; Susan
Bertal accepted the Asst. Directorship of Scripps. Recruitment
for the staff trainer is underway. One hundred eighty resumes
were received. That pool was reduced to 18. The staff trainer is
and A&PS position.

Committee Reports

R&PD: L. Abrams reported a balance of $6,680.00 in the research
fund (these funds carry forward) and a $740.00 balance in the
professional activities fund. Two programs remain. The committee
is discussing ideas for use of the remaining funds. Some ideas:
upgrade memory of the Powerbook computer, which is getting
tremendous use. The May 9th program presented by the Cargille's
was well-received. C.Haynes received a grant to continue work on

CAPA: H. Colson indicated that all files are in and at various
stages of completion. He projects (J. Hanson concurred) that
letters will probably go out by the end of the week of May 22.
The survey concerning the new streamlined review documents had a
high return rate (16/19). There was strong consensus that the
streamlined process continue and that the effort to put the new
guidelines in the APM move forward. From CAPA's perspective the
new guidelines have been "very successful".

E. Kanter solicited volunteers to work on a task force to move
the APM process ahead. J.Sih, J.Hanson, J.Donovan and D.Talbot

B. Renford suggested and the membership discussed moving "service
to LAUC-SD" from the first review criteria. M.Horres moved that:

In the Academic Review Procedures, UCSD Library, service to LAUC-
SD should be moved from criterion 1 (Professional competence and
service within the library) to criterion 3, (University and
library-related public service). (See section E.-4.-d.-4., I-A
and I-) It was seconded, E. Kanter called the question, the
motion passed.


The survey received high return (32). The flat grant appears to
be the model the majority of librarians support. However, most
librarians are paying an average of $630 additional out-of-
pocket' monies for professional travel. E. Kanter will send a
letter to Cabinet indicating LAUC's support for the current flat
sum model, but with a recommendation for increased funding. A
discussion ensued regarding the budgetary realities for
requesting increased funding and the current administration of
"Administrative Travel." It was clear from the discussion that
clarification is needed regarding the appropriate/traditional use
of Admin. Travel and how it is applied. E. Kanter will still
submit letter to Cabinet.


E. Kanter indicated that last year Fall Assembly was canceled due
to 10% reduction in funding. Two assemblies are written in the
bylaws. Plans are to consider suspending the fall assembly again
for Fall '95 and look at a bylaws change next year.


A recommendation to drop the requirement for submission of peer
review stats to UCOP was made by Statewide LAUC. LAUC-SD
supports this recommendation w/ the understanding that a modified
version of statistics collection remain.


A recommendation to add a new title/classification to the
librarian series was put forth by Statewide LAUC. UCR and UCSD
have been using substitute librarians to support services when
permanent staff are unavailable. The recommendation does not
support open-ended use of substitutes but rather recognizes the
realities these substitute professionals play in service to the
library and permanent staff librarians, who must travel and
perform other required duties. UCOP welcomes a recommendation
from LAUC.


Statewide LAUC put forth a recommendation which would change or
at least clarify the APM's current limit of 2 years service for
temporary librarians. The language of the APM is not clear on 2
issues: a) Does the two year limit apply to the person or the
position ? It has been the understanding of UCOP that the 2 year
limit applies to the person. Many in LAUC statewide and in LAUC-
SD believe this is an onerous penalty on the person; b) Does the
2 year limit apply to a single campus or is it cumulative across
all campus wherein the person serves ? Again, LAUC and LAUC-SD
supports and recommends that the 2 year limit should apply to the
position and should be campus-based. There was discussion
regarding the possibility for exploiting certain persons who
serve in temporary positions and there was concern that these
temporary positions not be viewed by administration as a solution
to the need for permanent staff positions. In general, LAUC-SD
supports a recommendation which limits the 2 year stipulation to
the position on a single campus.


Statewide LAUC put forth a recommendation to clarify the language
of LAUC bylaws and the need to clearly state the parameters for
affiliate participation. Additional wording would state that
affiliates would not be able to "serve on committees." There was
much discussion in LAUC-SD, some members felt that affiliates
should have all the rights and privileges of full members, others
disagreed that while affiliates (retired and part-time) should
have full privileges in the activities of LAUC, their
participation should not cross into the realm of governance.


Statewide LAUC recommends clarification of language in the bylaws
which would indicate and define the 'advisory' role of
committees, i.e., LAUC committees, by design and intent, serve at
the pleasure of the President and Executive Bd. of LAUC and as
such do not, or should not have direct access to the Office of
the President. Current bylaws language is ambiguous at best,
allowing for some to interpret direct access to UCOP as part of
their privilege and right. LAUC-SD supports clarification which
would in fact channel committee communications to the LAUC
President and Exec. Bd.


B. Renford stated there is still no specific action on this
issue. M. Okada will be at the Spring Assembly and will update
the assembly on any current developments.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm

Next meeting: June 15, 1995

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Haynes