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December 1994 Minutes


LAUD-SD Membership Meeting

December 5, 1994

Attending: L. Abrams, L. Barnhart, G. Bowles, P. Brueggeman, A.
Butros, K. Cargille, L. Claasen, R. Coates, H. Colson, K. Creely,
J. Donovan, T. Echavarria, C. Graham, R. Gustafson, J. Hanson, C.
Jahns, S. Jurist, E. Kanter, R. Lindemann, K. Lo, G. Lowell, B.
Miller, J. Page, A. Perez, A. Prussing, B. Renford, R. Ringler, E.
Robinson, J. Sih, R. Sonnenburg, S. Starr, C. Stave, G. Steel, E.
Valdez, R. Wang, V. Williamson, E. Yutani.

I. Announcements

1. Next membership meeting will be 1/17/95

2. The LAUC-SD home page can be reached now at and will soon be moved to the
Library menu in Infopath.

3. Monthly LAUC-SD lunches will resume in January.

4. J. Hanson reminded members of the upcoming review schedule. In
answer to a question, she explained that the amount of cost of
living increases scheduled for 1995 was still uncertain pending the
class action suit for delayed 1991 merit increases.

II. Treasurer's report

S. Starr reported that there is $819.51 in the LAUC-SD treasury.

III. Committee reports

1. Research and professional development (L. Abrams)

* December 7 is the deadline for local grant applications.
* The Committee sponsored a video conference "Networking and the
Scholar"; 50 attended including 19 people from the campus outside
the library.
* The Committee is in the process of tabulating the survey
distributed last month.
* On December 14, G. Bowles will report on his research.
* The Committee reviewed 2 Statewide grant proposals. There will
be a second call for Statewide grants; deadline is January 6, 1995.

2. Affirmative Action - T. Echavarria

T. Echavarria reviewed the Committee's plan for the coming year.
They will participate in Career Day again; they will put on a
program for students interested in librarianship as well as one for
staff; they will develop a page on multicultural electronic
resources to mount on Infopath.

3. CAPA report - H. Colson

As a follow up to the last membership meeting, CAPA plus two former
CAPA members (K. Cargille and D. Stewart) met to come up with a
proposal to change the review process to a model based closer to
actual requirements of APM 360-80e. The proposal, distributed
prior to the membership meeting, calls for a self review document
with a bulleted list of accomplishments accompanied by a narrative
describing the most important of these. Primary responsibility for
evaluating performance is moved to the Department Head and the
goals process is removed from the peer review process.

Considerable discussion followed on the merits of the proposal.
Some felt that what was proposed was not really different than what
was currently called for in our Academic Review Procedures; that it
was more a matter of style. Some felt that what was needed was a
firm limit on the number of pages and that without that reviews
would continue to be lengthy regardless of the proposed change in
format. There was consensus that not all goals had to be addressed
in self reviews. Failure to meet a goal may be explained in the
review but it is not required.

A substantial majority (31) of those present favored the proposal.
It was decided that J. Hanson would send e-mail encouraging
everyone to use this format this year (the CAPA group will supply
text to J. Hanson). CAPA will determine by March whether the new
guidelines are working satisfactorily, and E. Kanter will appoint
a committee to prepare revisions to the Academic Review document if
CAPA believes by March that we need to implement this change more

4. Bylaws Change

1. E. Kanter moved and S. Starr seconded a bylaws change to replace
the term "chairperson" in the bylaws with the term "chair." The
motion passed on a voice vote.

2. J. Hanson moved and L. Claassen seconded a bylaws change to
create a standing committee on cultural diversity. The moved
passed on a voice vote.