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October 1993 Minutes

Minutes October 19
Price Center Davis/Riverside Room 2:30 p.m.

Present: S. Anderson, K. Cargille, K. Creely, J. Donovan, T.
Echavarria, R. Gustafson, J. Hanson, C. Jahns, S. Jurist, E.
Kanter, R. Lindemann, A. Perez, A. Prussing (Chair), E. Robinson,
P. Smith, S. Starr, C. Stave, E. Valdez, T. Weintraub, B.

Opening Comments

The Chair welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the academic
year and encouraged everyone to share ideas, including new programs
or other suggestions that would be supportive of the membership.

CAPA 1992/93 Summary Report

This report was postponed until the November meeting at CAPA's
request because some finish-up work remains to be done and because
Beverly Renford, current CAPA chair, was unable to attend the

Library Recruitment Update

J. Hanson presented an "Overview of Recruitment in The University
Library" (Memo October 13, 1993 to LMG), which summarizes staff and
academic recruitments completed, underway and forthcoming since
July 1993. Her response to the question how these recruitments fit
with the ongoing study on administrative reorganization was that
reorganization was still very much in a nascent state, that it
would be a slow, deliberative process, and that reorganization had
no direct bearing on these recruitments.

Calendar for Professional Development/Goals/Travel

J. Hanson distributed a calendar for "Annual Departmental
Performance Review and Update of Goals Statement" and commented
that the schedule was devised to bring the process of scheduled
performance goal setting and regular planning for professional
development together. Budget uncertainties disrupted the calendar
this year because funding remained uncertain through much of the
summer. The expectation remains, however, that performance goals
and professional development plans be set at the same time.

Options for Adminstrative Travel Support

J. Hanson reported that the decision to provide administrative
support for travel rests in the reporting line among the traveler,
his or her department head and their AUL. In general, trips
involving mandatory training or attendance at specific events are
supported as administrative travel. Everyone was encouraged to
make the case for administrative travel support if it seems
appropriate, including travel that has already been proposed as
"professional development" travel. Each case must be examined

CAPA Vacancy

Sharon Anderson's resignation (VERIP) creates a 1-year vacancy on
CAPA. Peer review guidelines dictate that a general meeting of
LAUC-SD will determine how to fill that vacancy. A motion was made
and seconded to have a special election, and the motion was passed
unanimously. The Nominations/Election Committe will form a slate
and hold elections as soon as possible.

LAUC-SD Voluntary Assessment

A. Prussing presented for discussion the possibility of raising the
suggested amount for annual giving from $5 to a higher amount. The
$5 assessment has remained static for a long time, and the low
balance of our account (currently $89) limits what LAUC-SD can do.
Past expenses beyond service fees to maintain our account have been
chiefly for parties or gifts. Other potential uses of these funds
include providing travel support to regional events of interest to
librarians and sponsoring special events that promote interaction
among the membership. A suggestion was made to solicit a one-time
$10 assessment to bring the treasury above the minimum-deposit
limit of $400; this would save $60/year in banking fees.
Discussion included considering whether some of the contributions
LAUC-SD makes to library-wide parties are appropriate and whether
some events merit special assessments paid by the participants.
ACTION: 1. A treasurer's report for 1992/93 will be presented.
2. A. Prussing will discuss with the University
Librarian the appropriateness of using LAUC-SD monies for
library-wide parties.

3. A motion was made and seconded to solicit an annual
assessment of $5 and an additional $5 one-time
contribution to raise the treasury base. The motion was
passed with 16 "yes" votes.

Statewide Executive Board Report

A. Prussing and B. Renford attended, and A. Prussing reported
highlights of the meeting.

o Office of the President budget cuts will affect LAUC--10% in
1993 and 10% in 1994. Research funds remain unaffected this
year but may be reduced next year. Beyond research, funds
support the Executive Board, Assemblies and statewide
committees. Teleconferencing and other means of communication
will undoubtedly come into play in response to limiting

o The Office of the President expressed concern about recent
library cutbacks, especially long-term effects, and conveyed
a sense of support in addressing the situation.

o Regional Library Facilities will be administered locally
rather than state-wide, which should realize more efficient
management. Boards will still govern the facilities, so that
policy changes should remain unaffected by this change.

o The Committee on Professional Governance, which conducted a
survey on the impact of reduced staffing, will continue its
study with a follow-up survey. Problems with the initial
survey have been identified and remedies have been
incorporated into planning of the continued study.

o Discussion has begun on adding steps VI and VII to the
Librarian's series.

o The Regents are recommending 7-8% merit increases and 5% cost
of living increases for next year, and restoration of all
salaries by next July remains a goal.

Formal minutes of the statewide board meeting are forthcoming and
will be distributed to the membership.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Richard Lindemann, Secretary