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June 1994 Minutes

Minutes June 15, 1994
Geisel Room 2:30 p.m.
Present: L. Abrams, R. Coates, T. Echavarria, S. Galloway, R.
Gustafson, J. Hanson, C. Jahns, E. Kanter, R. Lindemann, K. Lo, K.
Lucas, A. Prussing (Chair), B. Renford, R. Ringler, E. Robinson, B.
Slater, C. Stave, E. Valdez, T. Weintraub, K. Whitley.

Future Meetings
No membership meetings are scheduled for the remainder of the
summer. The Executive Board will be meeting,however, and will call
membership meetings as needed during the summer months.

LAUC-SD Election Results
K. Lucas (committee chair) reiterated election results that
had been broadcast by email previously:
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Karen Cargille
Secretary/Treasurer: Susan Starr
Member at Large: Craig Haynes
Delegate: Cynthia Jahns
CAPA: Peter Brueggeman and Kari Lucas

Librarian Introduction
J. Hanson introduced Kathy Whitley, newly hired as Chemistry
Librarian in the S&E Library.

Spring Assembly/Executive Board Summary
A. Prussing delivered a summary report of issues and topics;
formal minutes will be distributed when received. Some of these
items generated local discussion:
- Difficulties in recruiting candidates for elected offices, and
strategies for fostering fuller participation among LAUC
Locally, K. Lucas outlined a LAUC-SD Ex. Board proposal to
survey the membership about their expectations, likes and
needs. Results of the survey would serve to focus subsequent
discussion about how to invigorate the membership. The survey
would specifically solicit candid responses from members who
currently are disinterested or disaffected with what they see
as current failings and future possibilities. Those present
indicated approval of the proposal, and the survey will be
conducted during July.
- Committee on Professional Governance's interest in 1) adding
steps to the Librarian Series, either at the top of the
Librarian rank; or, 2) reviewing steps within the whole
Librarian rank; or, 3) restructuring the entire Librarian
Locally, discussion ensued about salary structure and options
across the series for better compensation options. There was
general interest in exploring the entire series, not just the
top rank, because salary concerns of various kinds affect all
parts of the series; LAUC should take every opportunity to
lead in advocating salary increases. A related issue is the
rate at which librarians currently progress through the ranks.

Professional Development Support
J. Hanson led a lengthy discussion concerning the amount and
the base formula to be applied in providing financial support for
professional development. She distributed a summary of
expenditures and cost bases for the past ten years and solicited
comments about which approach to follow in establishing the basis
for funding. Two bases, or models, guided the discussion:

1. fund one trip, covering registration and travel.
2. fund each librarian at an unspecified level (93/94 level
was $500 + $80), with unrestricted use of those funds for
approved professional development activities.
Administrative overhead should not be considered, since
Business Services staff report that tracking either model is
approximately equal to the other.
The current system provides greater flexibility but reduces
the possibility of exploring costly opportunities. Several
librarians indicated that they had set their developmental
priorities based on affordability rather than need or value. There
was general expression that funding is currently inadequate to
support even the majority of travel costs, and for many it has
meant not attending their most desired conference or meeting.
Might funding go farther if support were limited to
registration and travel costs alone?
Might the possibility exist of offering EITHER a lump sum or
a single trip, whichever is costlier? Such a compromise shows
promise in addressing the absurd condition of not attending
priority events. Setting priorities based on budget rather than
the value of a particular event subverts the entire premise of
professional development, and a dual system might restore proper
focus to professional development planning. A librarian would have
the option of selecting support for travel/registration for one
trip, or the librarian could select to draw from a predetermined,
limited yearly allowance to support any expenses associated with
professional development, including meals and lodging.
Looking over the past ten years, the true desire of the group
is to enjoy support at the levels comparable to a few years ago,
i.e. support for two trips per year (registration and
transportation), including international travel when appropriate.
It was also noted that it is important to differentiate between
travel of a professional development nature and travel that is
essential for attending events at which specific kinds of technical
skills or knowledge essential to a librarian's basic job can be
acquired. Consensus was reached that A. Prussing will draft a
proposal addressed to the University Librarian exploring the
possibility of restoration of support at pre-1992/93 levels.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard Lindemann, Secretary