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October 2004 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Present: Mary Linn Bergstrom, chair; Peter Brueggeman, vice-chair/chair-elect; Penny Coppernoll-Blach, R&PD; Becky Culbertson, CAPA chair; Sam Dunlap, immediate past chair; James R. Jacobs, delegate; Adolfo Tarango, member-at-large, Jeff Williams, secretary.


  1. Fall Assembly - LAUC-SD attendees, webcasting, etc.: the LAUC Fall Assembly will be webcast two days after the assembly.  The executive board will recommend interested members make arrangements to watch the webcast at their desks.

Mary Linn, James R. Jacobs, Penny Coppernoll-Blach, and Kari Lucas will attend the assembly.

  1. Barbara Slater – representative on Academic Senate Library Committee: Barbara will report on her activities at the November 30th membership meeting.
  1. Update on LAUC-SD peer review pilot project: Kari Lucas and Barbara Slater are working on the content for their presentations.  They will have more details at the November 18th Executive Board meeting.
  1. Approval of September 21st, LAUC-SD Executive Board minutes.  Mary Linn moved, and James R. Jacobs seconded that the minutes be approved with noted minor spelling corrections.  The motion passed.


  1. Peer-to-Peer Background document – next steps: the LAUC Statewide Executive Board received James R. Jacobs’ background document on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) favorably.  LAUC Statewide president Terry Huwe agreed to forward the document to Gary Lawrence in the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP).  The consensus of the LAUC Statewide Executive Board was that divisional LAUC Chairs would give the P2P document to campus University Librarians. 

Mary Linn agreed to forward the background document to Brian Schottlaender, and the rest of the administrative team, and identify James as a contact for more information.

  1. Conference Costs Survey: Mary Linn is working on the conference cost survey.  She reported that requesting statistics from professional associations looks promising.
  1. Mentoring subcommittee report/proposal: Adolfo Tarango presented a report outlining the recommendations of the Mentoring Program Subcommittee.  The Mentoring Program Subcommittee is comprised of Elizabeth Cowell, Rob Melton, Alice Perez, Trish Rose, and Adolfo. 

The subcommittee has recommended the creation of a committee with four members on two-year rotating terms.  This would allow for knowledge retention within the committee.  The committee would work to match library staff with an interest in pursuing a graduate degree in librarianship with a librarian mentor.  The question of whether this committee could also match newly hired librarians with a mentor was discussed.  Adolfo responded that this was not the intention of the Mentoring Subcommittee’s activities, but their recommended program could serve as a model for a committee dealing with finding mentors for new librarians.

Peter Brueggeman mentioned that we should be cautious of using the term “recruitment” as motivation for the activities of the committee, because we do not want to imply that staff participating in the program would have a greater chance of obtaining a professional position with the libraries.

The Mentor Subcommittee will present a report on their activities at the November membership meeting. 

  1. Bylaws revision proposal: Mary Linn and Jeff Williams reported that they had met with Kari Lucas to discuss her proposal related to the responsibilities of the LAUC-SD Secretary/Treasurer and the LAUC-SD Chair, and had agreed to the majority of the proposed bylaw revisions.  The Executive Board went through the proposed revisions, and had the opportunity to ask questions.  Mary Linn and Jeff will make modifications to the bylaws revisions proposal based on the Executive Board’s comments, and present a revised proposal at the November membership meeting.

Mary Linn indicated she would present the question of whether the position of LAUC-SD webmaster should be removed from the Secretary/Treasurer’s position, and reassigned to a new appointed position at the November membership meeting. 

The discussion of the bylaws revision proposal highlighted that it is not clear who is in possession of the “official” version of the LAUC-SD bylaws.  Becky Culbertson volunteered to do some detective work on this issue in her role of CAPA chair.  She agreed to inform Jeff in his role as Secretary/Treasurer of what she finds.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Williams, Secretary 2004-2005