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August 2005 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board
Transition Meeting


August 29, 2005


Present: Mary Linn Bergstrom, Chair; Peter Brueggeman, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect;  Ken Calkins, 2005/06 Delegate; Penny Coppernoll-Blach, R&PD; Tammy Dearie, 2005/06 Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Megan Dreger, 2005/06 Member-at-Large; Tony Harvell, Diversity Committee Chair; James R. Jacobs, Delegate; Jim Jacobs, 2005/06 Secretary/Treasurer; Elisabeth Leonard, 2005/06 Diversity Committee, 2005/06 Mentoring Committee; Sue McGuinness, R&PD; R. Arvid Nelsen, 2005/06 R&PD; Jeff Williams, Secretary/Treasurer.




  1. Welcome: Mary Linn Bergstrom welcomed everyone to the 2004/05 – 2005/06 LAUC-SD Transition Meeting.


  1. LAUC-SD Webmaster: Mary Linn announced that Karen Heskett has volunteered for the webmaster position.  The executive board approved appointment.


  1. LAUC-SD Committee Chairs:

    • CAPA: Sue McGuinness

    • Diversity: Elisabeth Leonard

    • Mentoring: Duffy Tweedy

    • R&PD: Tony Harvell, Marlo Young – Co-Chairs


  1. Buddies Needed: LAUC-SD buddies are needed for two new members – Penny Coppernoll-Blach volunteered to serve as Kymberly Goodson’s buddy.  Tony Harvell volunteered to serve as Dan Suchy’s buddy.


  1. Logistics: Mary Linn reported that the LAUC-SD archives have been moved to the 5th floor “express room”.  The LAUC-SD laptops are being housed in a locked cabinet in S&E.  S&E’s DSSL has been providing technical assistance on these laptops, and will continue to do this during the upcoming year.


The question of the purpose of the archive was raised.  What should be added to the archive?  Is the material available on the website a substitute for placing material in the archive?  No consensus was reached.






  1. Meeting cycle: Membership and Executive Board: Peter Brueggeman asked the incoming executive board if the current schedule of monthly meetings was sufficient.  The incoming executive board agreed to continue to meet once a month.


The schedule for the membership meeting was discussed.  Peter and Jim Jacobs will set and announce the membership meeting schedule for the upcoming year.


  1. Fall social event: the outgoing and incoming executive boards agreed that this fall was a good time to try the first no-cost event.  The incoming executive board will look at Tuesday or Wednesday of the first week in October at Canyon Vista.


  1. Voluntary Contributions: Jeff Williams and Jim Jacobs will discuss the procedure for voluntary contribution collection when they meet to transition the secretary/treasurer responsibilities.


  1. Update from statewide LAUC transition meeting: Peter, Mary Linn, Jenny Reiswig, and Paul Weiss represented UCSD:

·        Paul Weiss is no longer LAUC Parliamentarian.  Dean Rowan from Berkeley has taken on this responsibility.

·        Ad Hoc Committee on Instructional Roles for Librarians: may be an update on the activity of this ad hoc committee at the fall assembly

·        LAUC Open Access E-Journal: the majority of the delegates voted no on this proposal at the assembly.  The option of using the E-Scholarship Repository as an alternative was discussed.  Jenny Reiswig in her role as LAUC President will discuss whether LAUC qualifies as an organized research institute with Dan Greenstein.

·        Diversity Committee make up: Mary Linn reported that there was a discussion of whether division diversity committees should have staff representation.

·        Jenny Reiswig’s priorities during her year as president: Jenny reported that she will working on the bylaws revision, the procedure for librarians moving into Step VII, review of the LAUC Archives, and increasing member involvement.  She also indicated she’s interested in forming an Ad Hoc to look at how technology could be used to improve the way LAUC does business.


  1. Tony Harvell has been appointed the new LAUC representative to the Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) committee.


  1. Budgeting Process update: the Mentoring Committee’s budget request was partially funded at the amount of $1,500 dollars/year for the next two years.  Brian indicated that he would like to see an accounting of how the money is spent.




  1. Diversity Committee: there will be a discussion of what state law permits us to do in relation to the proposed Diversity Fellowship at the upcoming LMG.


  1. CAPA: Sue McGuinness, in her role as incoming CAPA chair, met with Library Administration.  The statistics for this year’s reviews were discussed.  CAPA discussed ways that delays in the delivery could be prevented in the future.  One possibility discussed was shortening the letter.  Sue reported that the full report of review statistics will be presented at the next membership meeting.


  1. R&PD: Annual Report was submitted – R&PD funded 5 posters, co-funded 5 digital dialogues, fully funded 7 presentation, and will continue to offer a $200 supplement to the librarians’ professional development budgets this year.


Respectfully Submitted.

Jeff Williams