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September 2003 Minutes

Executive Board meeting

September 12, 2003



Present: Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Elizabeth Cowell, Sam Dunlap (chair), Kari Lucas (secretary), Adolfo Tarango, Jeff Williams


1.  LAUC Transition Meeting (08/22/03) Recap of Esther Grassian's 02/03 Issues and Goals. Information Literacy TF adds "ethical use of information."  Passage of the Patriot Act Resolution at the Spring Assembly. Collections Management documents: "digital visual resources text."  Position Paper task force. Allocation of delegates by campus. Ad hoc Awards Committee had a pilot travel award this year. Next: LAUC member of the year award or lifetime achievement award? Linda Kennedy's 03-04 Isuses and Goals. Make LAUC more efficient and effective. Short term targeted charges for committees. Involve statewide representatives on the Executive Committee--add to Exec. listserv? Set up a listserv for committee chairs. Bylaws changes. Look at other models for LAUC reorganization. Program: Changing role of libraries, or Library as Place.

2.  Position Paper 1 Revision timetable has been moved back.


1.  Proposed Budget FY2003-2004 The following proposed budget will be presented to the membership at next week Tuesdays' meeting for adoption. $450 balance required to avoid $5 per month charge. Expense amount is based on averages from previous years.  If amounts needed exceed budgeted amount, requestor may make a special request in writing to the LAUC-SD Executive Board.  Income: $1177.89; Expenses: $560 Balance: $532.89. ACTION:  Adopted.

2.  APM Proposed Changes regarding academic freedom The review period passed.

3.  Position Candidate Lunches Board volunteers are needed for the Sept 29 and Oct. 1 LAUC-SD lunches with candidates for the S&E instruction position.  A Board member volunteers and finds his/her own other LAUC-SD member to attend then tells D. Ambrose, LHR.

4.  Carrel (7th flr) Does LAUC-SD need to maintain its carrel? Activity and use of carrel is low. There is a waiting list for faculty wanting a carrel. LAUC-SD archives and laptop would need a locked location. ACTION: Issue will be brought to the membership for discussion.

5.  Funded Serials Table of contents in shared folder. How many free before payment required? Separate from R&PD Committee subscriptions. ACTION: Sam will investigate.

6.  Fall Social Pizza Party Event October 21, 11:30am - 1:00pm, Round Table Pizza

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