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September 2002 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

September 10, 2002
SSHL Research Services Conference Room


Elizabeth Cowell (chair), Shi Deng, Steve Lawson (secretary), Jenny Reiswig, Victoria Williamson



Executive Board Membership and Meeting Schedule

CAPA chair Duffy Tweedy should attend LAUC-SD Executive Board meetings, but cannot make the currently-scheduled second Tuesday monthly meetings due to a conflict. Future LAUC Exec meetings will instead be held the first Tuesday of each month at 10:30 - noon, pending approval of D. Tweedy and Sam Dunlap.

In addition to the LAUC-SD elected officers, the chairs of the Diversity Committee and Research & Professional Development Committee will also be invited to LAUC-SD Executive Board meetings. The LAUC-SD members on the UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee and LAUC Statewide Committee on Professional Governance will be invited to Executive Board meetings as needed.

Late Additions to Local Committees

Penny Coppernoll-Blach and Marlo Young have been appointed to the Research and Professional Development Committee.

Agenda Building for the September 17, 2002 LAUC-SD Membership Meeting

  • Introduction of, new LAUC-SD members Marlayna Christensen, SuHui Ho, Trish Rose, and Marlo Young (this will be Marlo's first meeting as a LAUC-SD member, even though she has been at the UCSD Libraries for some time already)
  • Rousing call for annual contributions by S. Lawson, LAUC-SD Secretary/Treasurer
  • Annual reports from committees. E Cowell will email immediate past committee chairs.
    • CAPA (will present draft comments)
    • Diversity
    • Nominations/Elections
    • Research and Professional Development
  • Announcements of promotions? E. Cowell will email Brian E. C. Schottlaender
  • Individual reports on professional development activities. Introduce the idea, and call for volunteers for presentations at future membership meetings
  • Library Human Resources Update
  • Calls from statewide LAUC organization for participation

LAUC Buddies

Exec anticipates the need for new buddies for pending SSHL and MSCL appointments. Discussion tabled until next meeting.

Fall Pizza Socials

The date for the fall social will be decided at the next Exec meeting.

LAUC-SD Priorities for the Year

Statewide, LAUC is focused on the resolution on information literacy. The LAUC-SD Executive Board felt that information literacy is being handled at UCSD Libraries by committees outside of LAUC-SD.

E. Cowell said that she would like LAUC-SD to promote communication about the professional activities of its members. V. Williamson suggested that such a focus could help ensure Research and Professional Development funds were spent.

Groupwise Mailing List

E. Cowell will request that the Groupwise "LAUC-SD Executive Board" mailing list be adjusted to reflect current membership.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.