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October 2002 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

October 8, 2002
SSHL Research Services Conference Room


Elizabeth Cowell (chair), Shi Deng, Steve Lawson (recorder), Jenny Reiswig, Duffy Tweedy, Vicki Williamson


Cowell thanks Sam Dunlap and Jenny Resiwig for informing statewide LAUC of our committee assignments in her absence.

Statewide Exec Board will have a conference call Nov. 1.

Amy Wallace will be the co-chair of the statewide LAUC Information Literacy Task Force.

Approval of membership meeting minutes

Approved, pending edits from Laura Galván-Estrada

Questions for fall assembly panel with Dan Greenstein

Why are there no librarians at CDL?

How does CDL see their projects as fitting into the national information picture?


LAUC-SD Exec made a decision on a recommendation to Statewide LAUC. Cowell will convey the recommendation to Esther Grassian, LAUC President.

Letter to the Legislators: Karrie Peterson

Cowell will add one more paragraph summing up the main points of Peterson’s article. Copies will be sent to both CA US Senators and the US Representatives for the San Diego area. She will email copies to other LAUC locals.

LAUC Purchase of Retirement Gifts

Steve Lawson asked about the policy for buying gifts for retiring LAUC-SD members. After discussion, the Executive Board decided that decisions as to when it is appropriate for LAUC-SD to buy gifts will continue to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Fall Social Planning

October 29 from 11:30 to 1:30 at Round Table Pizza. Cowell will send out the invitation next week.

Buddies for New LAUC-SD Members

Duffy Tweedy will be James Jacobs’s LAUC buddy. Vicki Williamson will be Arvid Nelson’s buddy. More new hires will be coming soon; Cowell will email the LAUC-SD Exec board for volunteers for more buddies.

Minutes Procedures

Exec minutes will be sent in draft form to the Executive Board. Once minutes have been approved by the Board and final minutes are available on the website, an email notice will be sent to the membership. Lawson will make appropriate changes to the information on the LAUC-SD website.

Meeting adjourned at 11:09 AM.