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May 2003 Minutes

Executive Board meeting

May 13, 2003



Present: Vicki Williamson, Elizabeth Cowell (Chair), Sam Dunlap, Kathy Creely (Secretary), Jenny Reiswig, Shi Deng


1. Spring Assembly Update

Spring Assembly information is available on the website. 

2. LAUC-R Resolution regarding the Patriot Act. 

UC-Riverside LAUC members have submitted a resolution for consideration by the LAUC statewide assembly, regarding the Patriot Act.   This will be a discussion item at the upcoming LAUC-SD membership meeting.  Executive Board members expressed concerns about the lack of clarity in the wording of the resolution.  We need feedback from the membership on whether to support adoption of the resolution at the statewide assembly or not. 

3.  Agenda for membership meeting, 20 May.

In addition to the item noted above, the agenda will include an election update from Jenny Reiswig, a reminder about the upcoming June 4 Diversity Program from Vicki Williamson, and the introduction of new LAUC member Tony Harvell.  There will probably not be any membership meetings in the summer.

4. LAUC buddy for Tony Harvell.

Kathy Creely has volunteered for this.