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September 2001 Minutes

Executive Board Meeting

September 13, 2001
Geisel Library, Room 276

Present: J. Reiswig (chair), H. Colson, E. Cowell, S. Dunlap, S. Lawson, A. Perez (secretary), E. Valdez

Progress on migration to new LAUC Office

The old LAUC office was converted to a nursing mom's room and the new LAUC office is located on the seventh floor. After a couple of postponements John Elmore and H. Colson met to discuss transition of items from the old office to the new. The old office contains a file cabinet, backfiles of LAUC journals, archives, coffeepots and other odds and ends. The new office currently contains a desk with shelving above it. John can move the filing cabinet from the old office to the new, and provide us with a new lateral file cabinet, a different desk, and rolling chairs. After a brief discussion it was decided:

  • H. Colson will ask John to move the eight-foot section of shelving and a new lateral file cabinet into the new LAUC office.
  • The R&PD Chair will be asked to weed the journals; offering issues to the library to fill in gaps.
  • H. Colson recommended that B. Slater weed the old LAUC office.

Agenda building for Membership Meeting September 18

  • CAPA Annual Report
  • LAUC-SD "donations" of $10.00
  • Introduction of two new LAUC-SD members
  • LAUC Office Report
  • LAUC Executive Board Report
  • LAUC-SD Committee Annual Reports

Committee Annual Reports

New chairs' role is to bring their annual reports to the LAUC-SD membership meeting. J. Reiswig will email last year's chairs regarding their annual reports. If not available, they will be asked to make brief comments about their committees at the next LAUC-SD membership meeting.

Report from LAUC Statewide Executive Board Transition Meeting August 16, 2001

  • Palmer stated that the Professional Governance Committee has not been able to get consensus from the campuses regarding the "Distinguished Step." LAUC will be sending a statewide survey regarding the "Distinguished Step." We hope to have this done before Fall Assembly.
  • Additional work is needed on the Bylaws.
  • LAUC is considerably in the "red." D. Murphy, the new LAUC President, is not concerned and will keep the same travel plans.
  • D. Murphy will pursue a list of librarians' publications.
  • Round robin from each campus done to learn how much money each campus is getting to assist with CMI. Unfortunately those present are not involved operationally with CMI so we didn't get detail on this.
  • Many higher level recruitments are in process.

Recap of upcoming LAUC lunches

J. Reiswig distributed the latest list of LAUC lunch assignments.

LAUC-SD Website review

A. Perez demonstrated the changes she has made to the calendar and rosters. It was decided that the Executive Board meet in the SSHL Research Services conference room; Alice will make this reservation change. J. Reiswig will contact the committee chairs to update their websites. A few revisions were suggested for the calendar and rosters. Several revisions are needed on the LAUC-SD Acronyms webpage; J. Reiswig and A. Perez will follow-up.