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October 1999 Minutes

LAUC Executive Board
Minutes, October 19th, 1999
Biomedical Library Training Room

Present: Barbara Slater (Chair), Harold Colson, Sanae Isozume, Amy Butros

LAUC lunches: When the call to attend LAUC candidate lunches comes from Barbara,
board members, if available, get priority, but ideally one board member and one
person from general membership would be the preferred scenario.

1. Report from LAUC Systemwide Executive Board Meeting of Oct. 7th, 1999:
Minutes from all campuses are being posted to the web, some campuses send out
email notification that their minutes are posted, some do not. Barbara would
like to divide the campuses so each board member can monitor a campus.
Amy UCB and UCLA
Anne UCSF and UCSB
Harold UCD and UCSC
Sanae UCI and UCR

Barbara will forward any messages about posted minutes to the appropriate Board
member, but since not all campuses send a notification each Board member was
requested to regularly check their campuses web sites.

Barbara requested input for the Fall Assembly program to be held Nov. 19th at
UCSC. Karen Merritt, from UC Merced will be a speaker. The program planners
have requested a list of questions for Ms. Merritt to address. Suggested
topics/questions included: library services, remote versus on-site delivery, a
virtual or print collection, and building space, plus the structure of the
library staff and qualities desired in library leadership. Another group of
suggested topics were the Merced campus focus, subjects, degrees, basic
demographics, planned size, opening date, undergraduate versus graduate
percentages, faculty distribution, full time contracts, distance classes, etc.

There will probably be LAUC bylaws changes to review during the coming year.

The Archives Task Force's report will be revisited/evaluated, Patsy Inouye,
current President, will be looking for volunteers for the Task Force. Brad
Westbrook was on the original committee, and Patsy plans to ask him if he wants
to serve on the evaluation Task Force.

The Librarian series revision proposal: the UL group has worked hard and the
result was a second proposal, a joint UL and LAUC recommendation. This joint
recommendation was forwarded to the CVOC for discussion at their Oct 1 meeting.
The essential details of the proposal include removing the lowest 2 salary steps
in our series, adding 2 salary steps at the top and moving the barrier step up
one step. The top salary proposed would be around $98,000, the same as in the
LAUC original proposal. There are no minutes from the CVOC's meeting, no
official record, but it was reported that the reception was positive. We are
still aiming for some change by July 2000.

There is interest at several campuses in having a dialogue about the
"interpretation of the criteria for advancement past the barrier step".

2. Brainstorming for meeting: Barbara will be meeting with Brian Schottlaender
on November 2nd. She will be covering LAUC committee structure, professional
development funds, data on UCSD librarian step distribution and length of time
at each, and maybe an open ended question to him about the barrier step. Brian
desires to meet with the LAUC Chair quarterly.

3. Social Event: 15 members attended the Faculty Club Jazz Happy Hour on October
1st. It was positively received. These faculty club "no host" social events
could be arranged every 3 months or so. Maybe have a pizza lunch the first week
of January, before Winter quarter starts. Best dates January 5th or 6th,
arrangements include checking with Elizabeth regarding the available funds and
finding out if the Round Table pizza will be open.

4. Agenda building for membership meeting on November 16th: Maureen Harden will
be invited for discussion about the upcoming Review Process, the Cultural
Diversity Committee requested 10 minutes, a report from Barbara about her
meeting with Brian, an update on the Librarian series revision, any items
needing discussion for the Fall Assembly. Should we have a program before the
business meeting? Some program ideas from last year: person from Preuss School,
Chemistry faculty (Barbara Soire) reporting on experiences with web based
teaching, or "Hot Talks" papers from our colleagues. Other possibilities: CDL or
Portal topics.

5. Other Business: none.

Meeting adjourned at 11:26 a.m.