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November 1999 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting

Present: Amy Butros, Anne Prussing, Sanae Isozumi, Barbara Slater,
Elizabeth Cowell, Kari Lucas (guest for agenda item #1)

1. Librarian series revision proposal

CVOC's have endorsed the proposal. Notification of several other
groups must now happen:
University Committee on Academic Personnel
Academic Council

It is expected to be pro forma, but stay tuned.

There is an effort to fast track the proposal to be effective July 1,

The collective bargaining process is still on their own timeline with
an Memorandum of Understanding that is effective until July 1, 2000. Union
members have received the proposal as LAUC members but not as a union

The proposal will be an agenda item at the upcoming membership meeting.
Barbara will go over the 3 page summary of the proposal plus a
comparison of the current and proposed scales and other specifics as
needed. She will go over the transition plan in general, specifying that
there will be no salary disadvantage. All librarians were included in the
thought process behind this proposal, but only the non represented can be
affected immediately. The collective bargaining process has to happen
before it affects the represented staff.

Agenda for membership meeting:
Review process - Maureen Harden - 25 min
Cultural Diversity Committee - Craig Haynes - 10 min
Fair Share - Barbara - 10 min
Series Revision - 45 min

Susan Berteaux and Jenny Reiswig have volunteered to present hot talks at a
LAUC-SD meeting, but due to the heavy agenda for this month's meeting, they
will be postponed.

June 1, 2000 the spring assembly will be in Santa Barbara

The January membership meeting will be moved to the 25th. The
location will be announced as soon as it is found.

Barbara's meeting with Brian S. went very well. They expect to meet
twice a year once in the fall and once in the spring. He wants to
keep communication open, coordinate when needed and broaden his
perspective of LAUC-SD activities through these meetings. He told
Barbara that he is interested in co-sponsorship of appropriate R & PD