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May 2000 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting
May 11, 2000

Present: Barbara Slater, Sanae Isozumi

Absent: Amy Butros, Anne Prussing, Harold Colson, Elizabeth Cowell


Barbara thanked the members of the Executive Board for volunteering to represent LAUC-SD at the lunch portion of the recent interviews.

The LAUC Assembly is June 1, 2000 in Santa Barbara. Harold , Amy and Barbara will serve as the LAUC-SD delegation. All LAUC members are welcome. Registration should be completed by May 16, 2000.

Discussion items:

1. Nominating Committee. Tammy Dearie has distributed a call for volunteers for the 2000-2001 LAUC-SD election. It has been reported that the Statewide LAUC election ballot has been mailed to the division secretary. Barbara will check with Elizabeth to confirm. All LAUC-SD members should be encouraged to volunteer.

2. Garrett Bowles is retiring in July. There was a discussion about how to acknowledge his retirement. Ideas include: a resolution and a card at the May 16th membership meeting, light refreshments in his honor at the membership meeting. Barbara will check with Garrett to see if he will be attending and with a librarian who knows him better to determine the most appropriate acknowledgement. Light refreshments will be served at the May 16th membership meeting. Sanae will meet Barbara at the Seuss Room at 1:30 to help set up.

3. Agenda building for the May 16th membership meeting:

Patsy Inouye, LAUC President, guest ( 45 minutes)

Garrett congratulations ( 5 minutes)

Nominating Committee (5 minutes)

CAPA report ( 10 minutes)

R&PD Committee. LAUC Journals ( 15 minutes)

ARPM revisions ( 15 minutes or more)

4. Sanae reported from the LAUC-I membership minutes that the Irvine division has had some discussion about the review process and the criteria for promotion. LAUC-SD may wish to call a June or July membership meeting to discuss similar issues, especially once CAPA has completed their work. Barbara will contact Brian to schedule the spring meeting between the UL and the LAUC Chair.