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March 2000 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting


Present: Harold Colson, Amy Butros, Anne Prussing, Barbara Slater, Elizabeth Cowell

1. Report from the LAUC systemwide meeting (March 6, 2000)

a. The Riverside invitational conference on Scholarly Publishing has been postponed until March 2001. The money to support the event as an expense paid invitational was not raised in time.

b. Ann Jensen from the North and Linda Barnhart from the South have been agreed to represent LAUC on the respective Regional Library Facilities Board.

c. Patsy Inouye is in the process of scheduling visits to all campuses. Stay tuned for the UCSD date.

d. The resolutions to thank those involved in the series revision process have been mailed to the individuals. Barbara wishes to verbally thank those from UCSD Library at the next LAUC meeting.

e. The call for nominations for statewide LAUC has been issued. UCSD is eligible for VP and Secretary with a deadline of 3/17. Barbara will send an email.


2. Barbara has taken Crystal's place on the ARPM revision committee.

3. 9 files of 23 have been received by CAPA by 3/8. February 1 was the deadline. Brad Westbrook was elected to replace Reinhart. They are proceeding as if there is no change in the series. Barbara suggested an analysis of why files are late to address specific causes in the next cycle.

4. Membership meeting agenda planning.


Thanks to the participants in the series revision

Announce spring assembly date

introduce new people

Reporting out from LAUC executive board meeting - 10 minutes

CAPA report - 5 minutes

Restructuring LAUC - 30 minutes

John Welsh - Best practices in recruiting - 45 minutes

UC-AFT update - 20 minutes

Call for LAUC buddies