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November 1996 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting --Minutes
November 15, 1996
1:00 pm; Special Collections Meeting Room

Present: Leslie Abrams, Karen Cargille, Lynda Claassen
(chair),Tammy Dearie, Ruth Gustafson, Ginny Steel, Kathy
Whitley (recorder)

Guests: Sam Dunlap, Elliot Kanter

1. State Assembly report -- Lynda

Lynda and Ruth reviewed briefly the Assembly sessions.
Of note was the announcement that no additions to salary
steps are going to be allowed. There is a position
paper that addresses the Step V advancement.

Richard Lucier will be coming to UCSD to talk about the
Digital Library Project.

There will be another statewide call for research

2. Web page discussion -- Elliot and Kathy

It was generally agreed to move from the gopher format
to Web. There was some discussion about the content of
the site--e.g., post documents for review and
discussion, calls for volunteers for projects, lists of
the committees, their charges and membership, retention
period. Elliot and Kathy will confer, change the
current setup and then solicit further suggestions from
the membership.

3. Sexual orientation document -- Sam

Locke Morrisey has the final report as the State
Cultural Diversity Committee rep. The definitions of
ÒdiversityÓ are different now -- changed from
Òunder-represented groupÓ definition of the recent past.
This has been cause for some discussion. A name change
for the commitee may be made. Sam will present the
document at next LAUC meeting and will circulate it by
email before the meeting.

4. Holiday party -- Lynda

We will combine the December 17 meeting with a holiday
party to be catered by Price Center.

5. LAUC membership meeting agenda-- Dec. 17, 2:00-3:30

a. State Assembly Report
b. Digital Library conversation with R. Lucier
c. Sexual Orientation document
d. Party!

Adjourned at 2:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Whitley