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August 1995 Minutes

Minutes, LAUC-SD Executive Board

August 11, 1995

Attending: C. Jahns, E. Kanter, H. Colson, B. Slater, K.
Cargille, L. Claasen, L. Abrams, K. Lucas, A. Prussing, E.
Robinson, T. Dearie, S. Starr, recorder.


E. Kanter began the meeting by reviewing the recent email from
Beverly Renford, LAUC President, regarding salary increases. It
appears that faculty will receive an "equity" adjustment not
given to non-Senate academics. The Office of the President will
be discussing recruiting problems for librarians with campus
library personnel officers to see if the comparison libraries
used in setting librarian salaries need to be changed.

Committee Reports:

1. CAPA - the last letter from this year's review has been sent
from J. Lowell. CAPA will be meeting with him next week for a
review of this year's review process and presenting their issues
document at the September membership meeting. Kari Lucas,
incoming CAPA Chair, will talk to the guidelines revision group
(J. Donovan, J. Page, and D. Talbot) to see if they want to
present the results of their discussions in September as well.

2. Research and Professional Development - There will be a joint
meeting of the old and new combat September 11. A reminder of
the policies regarding LAUC equipment has been sent to all LAUC
members. There is a need to clarify the use of LAUC equipment,
particularly the Powerbook, for non LAUC related research. J.
Donovan, incoming Chair, and L. Abrams, outgoing Chair, will be
meeting with J. Lowell to discuss upcoming programs featuring
speakers on future directions in information management.

3. Cultural Diversity - the Committee will discuss networked
multicultural resources at the next Reference Forum.

4. Reception - a new members reception will be held on October 6
at the Faculty Club, 3:30-5. The Board approved $25 for a gift
for B. Renford in honor of her service as LAUC President as well
as funds to purchase flowers for new members at the party.


1. Performance Evaluation Team - the library is forming a team to
look at introducing support of SDM as a performance evaluation
criteria. LAUC will wait to see how the team decides to approach
this issue.

2. Archives - the LAUC Ad Hoc Committee on Archives was charged
to review and revise statewide divisional archives. It's report
has been issued and will be on the agenda for the Statewide
October Executive Board Meeting. Brad Westbrook will be invited
to the next LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting to discuss the
report; following that discussion the Board will decide if it
should be discussed by the Membership in September.

3. Transition to new Board - the incoming LAUC-SD Board will
continue to meet the second Friday of the month at 10 a.m.
Locations will rotate. The next meeting will be September 8.
Membership meetings will be held every other month, on the
Tuesday following the Executive Board meeting, from 2-4 p.m.