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April 1995 Minutes


LAUC Executive Board Meeting, 4/15/95

Attending: Kanter, E., Cargille, K., Prussing, A., Jahns, C.,
Haynes, C., Colson, H., Starr, S. (recorder)

Absent: Abrams, L.


1. The changes to the LAUC-SD bylaws have been approved. S.
Starr will send out the revised bylaws the membership and put
them on the LAUC-SD gopher as well.

Committee reports:

a. CAPA: CAPA has received 19 of the 23 files. The other 4
files are expected shortly. Have only received two that didn't
conform to the new suggested guidelines (for shortening self
reviews). CAPA recommended, and the Executive Board concurred,
that we should survey the membership to see how members feel
about the new guidelines. The survey must be done prior to the
May membership meeting. H. Colson will send a draft to the
Executive Board. Assuming reaction from the membership is
positive, E. Kanter will appoint a committee at the May
membership meeting to incorporate the changes into the
appropriate peer review documents.

b. Nominations: A. Prussing announced that she will be
distributing the LAUC-SD interest form shortly with a due date of

c. Cultural Diversity: with the changes in the bylaws finalized,
this is now officially a standing committee. They are looking at
co-sponsoring a program on the implications of new federal and
state moves to change affirmative action. They want to
coordinate with the campus. A UC wide report on this topic was
due the end of March; once the report arrives a forum may be held
to discuss it.

The Committee is also planning for a workshop on multicultural
Web resources. Chris Stave has done a web page on this topic.

16 staff attended the "So you want an MLS?" program. There are 4
USIP students currently. There will be no Career Day on campus
this year.

d. R&PD: 43 people attended the Bill Anton program. During the
summer, the committee plans to host a program with Helene Hoffman
from the LRC. They are also looking at a future program with a
Russian Archivist. K. Cargille is presenting her paper,
"Sleeping with the Enemy" on May 9, at 3 p.m. in the Geisel Room.

One local research proposal is currently under consideration.


a. Library support for professional travel: The library is
attempting to develop a budget by June 30, but some items will be
postponed until the State budget is received. It was decided to
discuss the issue of support for travel at the May membership
meeting. To facilitate discussion Elliot will draft something
prior to the meeting asking for a return to the policy of funding
airfare and registration for two trips. K. Cargille will draft a
brief survey of the membership which will attempt to document the
effects of the current policy on professional development.

b. LAUC award: The discussion of a LAUC-SD award received a
mixed response at the last membership meeting. After some
discussion, it was decided to revisit this issue in 6 months at
which time the training in "shared decision making" will have
been completed.

c. Program at June meeting: At the January meeting it was agreed
that we would try out holding a program in conjunction with a
subsequent membership meeting. C. Haynes agreed to contact
someone to discuss the topic of changes in affirmative action
policies for the June 6 meeting.

d. Executive Board Meeting: E. Kanter updated the Board on the
Statewide Executive Board meeting. The 2nd edition of the LAUC
History will shortly be available. The UC Libraries Digital
Library will become part of a larger UC Wide digital initiative
known as CINITAP. The Ad Hoc Committee on Archives will be
sending a survey to each division. The Committee on Professional
Governance is gathering information on adding steps to the
librarian's salary scale. The Library Plans and Policies
Committee is looking at the CE needs of LAUC members. The LAUC
Statewide Budget for next year is expected to be the same as this
year, which means that there will not be funds for a Fall
Assembly. The issue of a UC Web Site was referred to the Ad Hoc
Committee on Electronic Scholarly Information.