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September 1994

 LAUC Executive Board Meeting Minutes
September 30, 1994

Attending: Elliot Kanter (Chair), Anne Prussing, Harold Colson,
Cynthia Jahns, Leslie Abrams, Susan Starr, Craig Haynes.

1. LAUC Participation Survey

Kari Lucas joined the Board to discuss the survey of LAUC
Participation which she recently completed. The intent of the
survey was to provide information on expectations for LAUC
participation to new members. About 50% of the San Diego
membership replied. Most participants sent their replies via e-
mail, so it was possible to identify who had participated;
participants represented a cross section of the membership. Those
who did not participate in LAUC seemed to do so for two reasons:
1)they were very active in other areas or 2)LAUC was perceived as
not relevant, or too bureaucratic.
Discussion followed on how to publicize the achievements of
LAUC to the membership and to others in the UCSD Library. An
expansion of the LAUC buddy systems was suggested as was more
publicity in Tracings. It was decided that 1) E. Kanter will
encourage the local LAUC committees and groups to send summaries of
last year's accomplishments to Tracings, 2) a small group (A.
Prussing, E. Kanter and K. Lucas) will review the report further
and make additional recommendations, and 3) the same group will
develop a document, "Pathways to LAUC" which explains the role of
various LAUC committees. At the next membership meeting, K. Lucas
will summarize the numeric results of the survey and describe plans
to proceed.

2. Schedules

For the coming year, the Executive Board will continue to meet on
Fridays, 10-11:30, once a month (the second Friday following the
second Monday of the month). 5 membership meetings will be
scheduled in addition to the one already planned for October: one
in late November or early December; one the third week of January;
one in March (finals week?); one in early May, before the Assembly
(5/19), and one in mid-June. Membership meetings will be held in
the Price Center if possible.

A welcome party for librarians who have joined the staff in 1994
will be scheduled. S. Starr will contact the Faculty Club to see
what might be suitable.

It was suggested that sites for LAUC lunches this year should vary.
The continuation of the lunches will be discussed at the membership

3. Treasurers Report

S. Starr reported that there is $703.25 in the Treasury. The call
for dues will go out in October.

4. Research and Professional Development Committee

L. Abrams reported that the committee has sent out the first call
for Statewide research grants; the deadline is November 7. The
call for local grants will be made next week with a deadline n
early December. Next Tuesday is the OCLC teleconference. The
committee is also working on cleaning out the LAUC office and doing
an inventory of equipment and software which are stored there. At
their next meeting they will be discussing programming for the year
and how/if to continue the dispersement of funds to members for
travel (last year the Committee gave each librarian an additional
$80 for travel in support of professional development activities).

5. Travel funding

LAUC-SD has been asked to advise on how travel monies should be
distributed this year. BudgetCon has allocated an amount which
would fund each librarian at $800 for the year (about 1 1/2 trips).
Enough funds are available that single trips over $800 may also be
funded if that is the librarian's top priority. This will be
discussed at the membership meeting.

6. Bylaws Change

[C. Stave} C. Haynes will present a bylaws change, changing the Ad
Hoc Committee on Affirmative Action to a standing Committee on
Cultural Diversity, at the memberhship meeting. The Executive
Board endorsed this change. It will need to be voted upon by the

7. CAPA Issues

H. Colson reviewed the CAPA issues document which will be presented
at the membership meeting.

9. LAUC-SD Gopher

Chris Stave is working on developing and modifying the LAUC-SD
gopher and converting it to a worldwide web site. [At the same
time, the statewide model is that all LAUC divisions will be share
access to one another's gopher servers, so the local LAUC
information may have to be kept on gopher.]

10. Joint meeting of HOTS/HOPS/CDC.

This meeting has been called to discuss priorities for
collaborative efforts. Recommendations from LAUC-SD will be
solicited at the membership meeting.

11. LAUC Representative to HOPS

E. Kanter asked for suggestions to forward to the LAUC President.

12. CNI VideoConference

CNI is offering a chance to host their videoconference "Networked
Information and the Scholar." The Research and Professional
Development Committee may wish to sponsor it at UCSD (there is no
charge from CNI but there is a $150 charge for AV equipment). TWIG
may also be interested. E. Kanter will ask for interest at the
membership meeting. [NO, we left this that R&PD would decide at
their next meeting whether they wanted to cosponsor it, possibly
with TWIG]. Date for teleconference: 10/28 at 9:30 a.m.