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Guidelines: Non-Commercial Photography in the Library or Use of Library Grounds

Review the following conditions by which you may be given approval to use Library Grounds for an event. All events must be authorized in advance by the UC San Diego Library Administration. Authorization will be granted only for specific dates, times, and areas of the Library.

Filming or photographing for commercial projects must be arranged through the University Communications office, (858) 534-3120.

For information or to schedule an appointment with the UC San Diego Library Administration, call Ellysa Lim at (858) 534-1183.

  • No alcoholic beverages may be served on library grounds, unless approved in advance.
  • Bartenders need to check IDs and the area must be cordoned off.
  • The Library is open 7 days a week, so grounds must be cleaned of all litter/trash immediately following an event so staff and patrons arriving the next morning are presented with a clean facility.
  • If an event occurs during library hours, emergency exits, elevators, aisles, stairwells, hallways, and other public access areas must not be blocked or obstructed by the event, equipment, cables, or crew members at any time.
  • Library users and staff must be given complete and full access to any collections and resources in the area (including sidewalks) in which you are working, without delay or obstruction. Please be alert and responsive to those who need access, but may be intimidated by cameras or other equipment and may be reluctant to interrupt.

For events on Geisel Library's Forum level:

  • Sound carries upward directly into the Library's collections ;and study areas, and must be kept to a minimum. When the building is open, loud music or sound systems cannot be used and noise must be kept to a minimum.
  • Emergency exits from the building cannot be blocked.
  • The air handlers for the building on the east side of the Forum are quite loud when they kick on. For events with a speaker, it might be best to not use this side of the grounds.
  • All events that include food and/or beverages must make their own arrangements with campus physical plant services for extra trash receptacles and pick-up/disposal of trash.
  • No vehicles may be driven onto the forum or surrounding grassy areas for loading/unloading or any other purposes. Catering groups need to plan extra time to transport items to the Forum Level.
  • No running water is available onsite.
  • The Library does not provide any equipment, security, or help with either set-up or clean-up of non-library events held on our premises.
  • No restrooms are available on the Forum. If the Library is closed, the nearest restrooms require a walk to the Price Center or Warren College.
  • Access to electrical outlets is limited.

These conditions reflect the Library's goal to provide a safe and productive research environment for all users and to preserve the collections and facilities for the use of future UC San Diego ;students, staff, and faculty. Permission to use Library Grounds will be revoked if these conditions are not followed, and your group may be asked to leave and be banned from future use.

If you have further questions, visit the UC San Diego; Library Use & Conduct Policies or contact Ellysa Lim at (858) 534-1183.

See a PDF version of these guidelines.