Guidelines & Instructions for Contributing Materials

Content policy

UC San Diego Library section of UC’s eScholarship includes professional material related to library, archival, and information science.  Materials that adhere to the guidelines listed below may be self-submitted to eScholarship. 

This repository only accepts materials pertaining to work conducted under the auspices of the UC San Diego Library.  Informal publications (not peer reviewed), such as presentations, working papers, or posters are accepted on the condition that they are openly accessible on or after the date submitted. Formal publications (publications that have passed some kind of peer review), such as journal articles or books, are accepted on the condition that the author submitting the publication can show proof of agreement with the original publisher that the material may be reprinted. 

Instructional materials are not accepted.  They may be submitted to California Digital Library: Instructional Materials.

Digital formats deemed acceptable for eScholarship by the California Digital Library (currently only PDF) are accepted.

Note: Scholarly articles for which a publication agreement was signed after October 23, 2015 are covered by the UC Presidential Open Access Policy, and you may deposit the author's final version of your manuscript for public display on eScholarship.

Articles for which a publication agreement was signed on or before October 23, 2015 are not covered by the policy, but may also be deposited if your publisher allows it.

It may be necessary to amend your publisher agreement in order to deposit a copy of your work in eScholarship.  In these cases, the following statement may be required (be sure to also verify the statement with the publisher):

Publisher acknowledges that Author retains the right to provide a copy of the [‘final peer-reviewed manuscript’, or other language as applicable] in UC eScholarship upon acceptance for publication.

Submission Instructions

  1. Go to the UC San Diego Library section of eScholarship
  2. Select “Submit paper to this unit”
  3. Select a Paper Series (Research Works is the standard selection)
  4. Log into your account
  5. Fill in form (instructions for each section are provided on the right side as you fill out the form)

Note: for the Discipline field, choose whichever discipline you deem most appropriate

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact the Scholarly Communication Working Group at LibScholComm@AD.UCSD.EDU