The MOU and YOU

San Diego Division

A brief summary of the changes made to the Librarian Unit MOU

Dec. 2000 – July 30, 2003

 Prepared and presented by: Barbara Slater, Jenny Reiswig & Maria Din

 Article I: Recognition

"The University recognizes librarians as academic employees."

"Temporary casual appointments 1000 hour rule" does not apply to academic employees.

Article II: Nondiscrimination

The changes include several additional categories e.g. mental disability; medical condition cancer related or genetic characteristics, special disabled veteran, or any other veteran who served on active duty during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized.

Article III: Professional Activities and Development

The decisions regarding 1) the allocation of university funds to librarians for study, writing, research, public service and other professional development activities and 2) the provision of leave to attend professional meetings are not grievable or arbitrable. In the former contract it stated that University action based upon academic judgement was not grievable or arbitrable.

The amount of money UC shall allocate for members of the unit for research creative activities, professional meetings is increased from $127,000 to $215,460. The UCSD portion increased from $9,900 to $18,900.

Article IV: Process for Merit Increase, Promotion and Career Status

The section has been totally reworked. The previous contract basically said " The local campus procedures for peer review must include the following:…….." The new contract language lists the procedures. The process remains grievable but the decisions are not under the authority of the arbitrator.

Portions of the peer review calendar are now in the contract (e.g. 30 days prior to the first action a call will be sent out; notification within 9 months of the first action.) Heads up CAPA, review initiators, UL, HR. (Section C-3)

The review decisions are NOT subject to grievance or arbitration, however the process is grievable.

 Article IX: UFL Rights

The University will supply the UC-AFT with a list of all bargaining unit librarians each July 1.

The University and UC-AFT will share the cost of printing the contract.

The use of University mailboxes by UC-AFT is articulated.

Provides for the UC-AFT President to be able to apply for up to 50% time unpaid leave for one year.

Provides for designated Unit 17 stewards (one per campus) reasonable flexibility in the use of their time to complete assigned responsibilities.

The contract refers to the appropriate use of the US mail and UC mailboxes for distribution and communication. It does not mention e-mail communication.

Article X: Release Time

One UFL bargaining team member from each campus shall be provided with paid release time to attend scheduled bargaining sessions for the purpose of negotiating a successor agreement. The old contract had a limit of 4 members.

Article XI: Dues Deduction

Fair share dues (SB 645) are incorporated. The responsibilities for notification and collection between the UC-AFT and UC are delineated

Article XII: Salary

Articulates the guidelines for transition to the new salary scale and for range adjustments for 2000. Lists special provisions for movement based on rank and step. Provides for a 2% special salary augmentation for employees making under $40,000, and 1% for those making less than $80,000.

UC-AFT has the option to reopen the contract as it regards salary in 2001/02and in 2002/03. If the AFT does not reopen the range adjustment will be approximately the same as the non-represented academic employees and granted at the same time.

CAPA: Each librarian shall remain on his/her current review cycle.

CAPA: Lib Vs whose next review is scheduled for 2002 and who have had at least one review at Lib V, shall be eligible for a merit review for fiscal year 2000-2001.

CAPA: Lib IVs whose next review is scheduled for 2002 and who has received at least one "no action" review at step IV shall be eligible for merit review 2000-2001.

CAPA: Lib IVs whose next scheduled review is 2001 or 2002 may request consideration for distinguished status. If distinguished status is demonstrated there will be no need to demonstrate such status again on the new scale.

CAPA/HR: Unit members transitioned to the new salary scale may retain their current titles (rank and step) with the descriptor "transitional" until they reach their current titles on the new scale.

CAPA/HR: Assist Lib IVs, Assoc Lib Is and Lib IVs who received a merit increase or promotion effective July 1, 2000 will transition to the new scale but will receive the salary which would have been received if movement had occurred on the old scale (the old scale salary is slightly higher). This section of the contract is not worded very clearly, but the intent of the transition is not to economically disadvantage anyone for moving to the new scale.

All: Should have received a 1% range adjustment for augmentation for those making more than $40,000 and less than $80.000.

Article XVII: Temporary Appointees

Temporary appointments shall have a specified date of termination, ordinarily be for one year or less, but shall not be for more than 2 years unless the support is from extramural funds. Temporary appointees may apply for professional development funds and will be reviewed when length of appointment permits.

Article XXI: Holidays

Added Veterans Day (Nov. 11). Clause added to address UCSD floating holiday in lieu of the administrative holiday.

Article XXIII: Corrective Action and Dismissal

Several working changes and timing modifications (e.g. instead of 10 days to respond to a notice of intent the librarian has 14 days to respond).

Article XXIV: Grievance Procedure

Scope is defined as "An allegation that the University has violated a contractual procedure in Article 4 regarding merit award, promotion, or the award of career status shall be subject to the contractual grievance procedure only to the degree that is identifies a violation that had a material, negative impact on the University’s decision regarding merit, promotion or career status."

Provides for "reasonable time to investigate and pursue grievances" changed from "one UFL representative given 4 hours a week release."

Article XXV: Arbitration

Specifies action when arbitrability is at issue. Also specifies that the arbitrator shall not have the authority to review any decision to initiate an academic review, award or deny merit, award or deny promotion or award or withhold career status, or termination. Arbitrator can determine violated procedures and direct the process repeated from the point at which the violation occurred.

Article XXVIII: Waiver

Sections of the APM ( 035-0a; 140; 210-4; 360-4; 360-10; 360-17) shall apply to unit librarians for the duration of the agreement. Changes to the APM which apply to unit librarians will require meet and confer with UC-AFT.

Agree that University and LAUC can consult with respect to local policies and procedures involving peer review actions, allocation of professional development funds, and matters that are not covered by the agreement.

Agree that local campus policies and procedures directly pertaining to the granting of merit increases, promotion, or the award of career status may be modified by the University annually following appropriate consultation with LAUC. Except those specified in the sections of the APM listed above.

Article XXIX: Medical Separation

Has become a grievable and arbitrable article.

Article XXX: Duration of Agreement

Agreement is in effect until June 30, 2003.

Reopener rights for the Salary Article in 2001 and 2002

Appendix E: Applicable APM Sections as of 7/1/00

No language in the contract regarding:

Movement from Librarian VI to VII.

Distinguished Librarian. The Salary Scale note provides some language for the non-represented librarians

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Note: there are typos in this document


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presented April 18, 2001